Lazy Lazarus is Back from the Dead

Holy Hell!

Nearly five years have gone by since I’ve updated this blog. A whole lot of ‘life’ happened over that period of time: I quit graduate school, got engaged, and travelled the world. However, looking back at this blog I can’t help but feel like I’m stuck in the same place.

You see, Entertainment Maven was conceived as an attempt to get me closer to what I like to call the ‘film industry’ (whatever that’s supposed to mean, anybody can make a video these days). But despite meeting lots of interesting people and spending an ungodly amount of time attending film festivals – it never happened. There were some exciting times where feature length scripts that I had written received some interest, but that’s as far as it went and it’s frustrating because whether your writing is good or bad, your stories cookie-cutter crap or truly original – it is HAAAARRRRD to get anyone to read them, let alone the people actually making movies. So I re-tooled, added a little bit of on set experience to my repertoire, picked up a camera and painfully learned how to use it, and finally discovered the joy of video editing. I now have a much deeper appreciation and understanding of the movie-making process than when I was writing for this blog.

So now what?

I’m looking at Entertainment Maven and I’d hate for it to drift any farther into the black hole that has nearly engulfed it. So I’m going to re-tool it, much like I’ve reinvented myself. While I love reading movie reviews the idea of writing one myself makes me physically nauseous. It’s too easy to be critical and making moves is HAAAARRRD, even the shitty ones.

So I’m going to talk movies, and potentially be critical, but I’m not going to review them. I’m also going to talk video games, comics, books, and whatever else pops into my head or is occupying my time. But most importantly I WANT TO CREATE, and hopefully blogging puts me in touch with some like-minded people. I’m also going to share: my work, the work of others, and resources for being creative and getting the job done.

Thanks for listening.

Now, check out this awesome short documentary below. Johns Movies has some very funny (sometimes sad) short docs. In Escape from Park City, Vimeo gives John a tiny bit of cash and a couch to crash on in order for him to attend Sundance and make a documentary about the festival that he openly hates. The result is really refreshing, especially for those of us who have experienced festival snobbery.




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