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Hot Docs 2012

2012 coverage from the annual documentary film festival in Toronto.


Festival preview: Kirk Haviland

Festival Wrap-up – Kirk Haviland, Paolo Kagaoan, and Dave Voigt


Aaron Burr, Part 2 – Paolo Kagaoan

An Affair of the Heart – Kirk Haviland

Beauty is embarrassing – Paolo Kagaoan

Big Easy Express – Kirk Haviland

Bones Brigade: An Autobiography – Kirk Haviland

Buzkashi! – Paolo Kagaoan

Charles Bradley: Soul of America – Kirk Haviland

Despite the Gods – Kirk Haviland

Francophrenia (Or: Don’t Kill Me, I Know Where the Baby is) – Nadia Sandhu

The Frog Princes – Paolo Kagaoan

Glow: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling – Kirk Haviland

Glow: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling – Paolo Kagaoan, fictional film idea

Herman’s House – Paolo Kagaoan

I Beat Mike Tyson – Kirk Haviland

Indie Game: The Movie – Kirk Haviland

Inocente – Kirk Haviland

The Language of Love – Kirk Haviland

Love Story – Paolo Kagaoan

Mechanical Bride – Kirk Haviland and Paolo Kagaoan

Only the Young – Paolo Kagaoan

Petra’s Poem – Paolo Kagaoan

Ping Pong – Kirk Haviland

Pushwagner – Paolo Kagaoan

The Quiet One – Kirk Haviland

Radioman – Paolo Kagaoan

The Record Breaker – Kirk Haviland

Scarlet Road – Paolo Kagaoan

Sexy Baby – Kirk Haviland

Shut up and Play the Hits – Kirk Haviland

Soldier/Citizen – Paolo Kagaoan

Tchoupitoulas – Paolo Kagaoan

Theo Fleury: Playing with Fire – Kirk Haviland

We are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists – Paolo Kagaoan

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