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Toronto After Dark (TAD)


The Toronto After Dark Film Festival has been haunting audiences every year since 2006 with a program specializing in horror, sci-fi, action, and cult cinema. The festival has been held at The Bloor Cinema in Toronto, except for 2011 in which it took place at The Toronto Underground Cinema. 2012 will see the festival return to the newly named Hot Docs Bloor Cinema for nine nights of some of the scariest, wildest, and most action-packed films that the 2012 festival circuit has to offer.

Some of the films that have been screened in the past at TAD include: Repo! The Genetic Opera, Tokyo Gore Police, Dead Snow, The Last Exorcism, The Human Centipede, I Spit on Your Grave, Father’s Day, The Innkeepers, and lastly but certainly not least, the sensational Let the Right One In.

A favourite of the staff at Entertainment Maven and one of the more social festivals in the city, attending Toronto After Dark and one of the pub nights after the film will often give audience members an opportunity to chat and have a drink with one of the evening’s filmmakers or actors, and given the rapid rise in the quality of Toronto After Dark films, this is a festival you do not want to miss.

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