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The staff at Entertainment Maven is a diverse group of writers with at least one thing in common – their love of film. We’re looking for writers to join our group, so make sure to check out our ‘Write for Entertainment Maven‘ page for the details.

Matt Hodgson

Editor and Writer

Matt Hodgson has been an avid fan of the art of storytelling since he could see and hear. After spending nearly a decade in universities with not much to show for it, Matt has decided to take the power of the written word into his own hands and attempt to positively contribute to the world of film, one of his greatest passions since he was a child. He lives in Toronto with his beautiful and kind girlfriend Heather, and their big-boned cat, Toby. Last week Toby mistook Matt’s little finger for a cat treat, nearly severing it. You can reach him at mhodgson82@gmail.com, Facebook, or Twitter.

Kirk Haviland

Staff Writer

Kirk Haviland aka Movie Junkie TO has been involved in the film industry on the retail side of the business for over 20 years. A self professed Movie Geek, he has been attending film festivals in Toronto for years and has become a recognizable figure to most in the booming Toronto Rep Cinema scene. An avid writer in his younger years, Kirk has picked up his proverbial quill once again to join the team at Entertainment Maven. Kirk can be reached through his twitter account @moviejunkieto or by email at moviejunkieto@gmail.com.

Paolo Kagaoan

Staff Writer

Let me start with the boring stuff. I’m Paolo Kagaoan, I was born in the Philippines. English was my first language until I moved to Canada and started speaking slang. I graduated from UofT, majoring in English and Art History, which I believe governs my perspective not in film or cinema but movies, as esteemed film critic and troll Pauline Kael probably might have said. I’ve written about movies in my own space and three different websites. I’ve occasionally written about my sex life, making my relationship with religion a bit stickier than other people’s. I believe in God the Father, the Son and Tilda Swinton even though I only like two out of the five movies of hers that I’ve seen. I love watching actresses. I believe that caring about substance and ambition is the biggest compliment I can give to a movie. I am poor and am a moron. I’m here at Entertainment Maven to cover five of the many festivals that Toronto seem to have every week. In between those fests, rest periods, and nervous breakdowns, I’ll also watch anything. Come join me in my journey within movies and whatever they can offer.

Nadia Sandhu – ChickFlicking

Staff Writer

Nadia is the leading expert on chick flicks and flicks for chicks.  No film is too sappy, and no drama too melodramatic.  What is a chick flick?  What is the best criteria for critique?  What makes some of us pull out hankies and sob, while the rest of us snicker?  These are the questions that she concerns herself with in this ongoing cross-cultural comparative analysis.

When Nadia isn’t investigating rom-coms and romantic dramas, she heads up national film marketing initiatives at Studio Film Group and can be found at Projection Booth, her friendly neighborhood indie cinema in booming Leslieville/Riverdale.

Warning: Never speak to her of George Lucas and That Trilogy.  You know the one.  Aside from that you can find her @chick_flicking or nsandhu@gmail.com

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