Identity Thief Review (Kirk Haviland)

Identity Thief (2013) Starring: Jason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy, Jon Favreau, Amanda Peet, Tip “T.I.” Harris, Genesis Rodriguez, Morris Chestnut, John Cho, Robert Patrick, Eric Stonestreet Written by Craig Mazin based on a story by Jerry Eeten and Craig Mazin Directed by Seth Gordon The doldrums of the winter post-Oscar bait box office continue this week […]

Hitchcock Review (Kirk Haviland)

Hitchcock (2012) Starring Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren, Scarlett Johansson, Danny Huston, Toni Collette, James D’Arcy, Jessica Biel and Michael Wincott Written by John J. McLaughlin based on the book “Alfred Hitchcock and the making of Psycho” by Stephen Rebello Directed by Sacha Gervasi New this week in theaters, opening exclusively at the Varsity in Toronto […]

Fright Nights: The Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival Preview (Nadia Sandhu)

There will be Blood in the Snow and on the big screen at Projection Booth (1035 Gerrard Street East) as the First Annual Fright Nights:  Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival scares up thrills this November 30 to December 2, 2012 in a weekend long celebration of the best in contemporary Canadian horror filmmaking. Festival Director Kelly Michael Stewart has been a strong […]

Toronto After Dark 2012: Citadel Review (Kirk Haviland)

Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2012 Citadel (2012) Starring Aneurin Barnard, James Cosmo, Wunmi Mosaku, Jake Wilson and Amy Shiels Written and Directed by Ciaran Foy After receiving numerous awards at festivals around the world, including SXSW, Citadel finally makes its Toronto debut as part of this year’s Toronto After Dark Film Festival. The dark/grimy […]

Toronto After Dark 2012: [REC]³ Genesis Review (Robert Harding)

Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2012 [REC]3 Genesis (2012) Starring Leticia Dolera, Javier Botet, Diego Martin, Alex Monner, and Ismael Martinez Directed by Paco Plaza Rec 3 marks a major divergence from the previous two films in the Rec franchise. Fans of those two films should note – this is nothing like the Rec films […]

Toronto After Dark 2012: American Mary Review (Kirk Haviland)

Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2012 American Mary (2012) Starring Katherine Isabelle, Antonio Cupo, Tristan Risk, Davis Lovgren and Twan Holliday Written and Directed by Jen and Sylvia Soska The Soska Sisters, better known to those in genre circles as the “Twisted Twins”, arrived at this year’s Toronto After Dark Film Festival with their 2nd […]

Sinister Review (Kirk Haviland)

Sinister (2012) Starring Ethan Hawke, Juliet Rylance, Michael Hall D’Addario, Clare Foley, Fred Dalton Thompson and James Ransone Written by C. Robert Cargill and Scott Derrickson Directed by Scott Derrickson In theaters this weekend from Alliance Films, just in time for Halloween, we get the newest horror title from director Scott Derrickson, the director of […]

TIFF 2012 – To The Wonder Review (Dustin SanVido)

To The Wonder (2012) Starring Ben Affleck, Olga Kurylenko, Javier Bardem, and Rachel McAdams Written and Directed by Terrence Malick Films that dare to transcend the laws of conventional narrative and structure to become much more a piece of art are somewhat of a mixed bag for me. I applaud filmmakers who aspire to create […]

Resident Evil: Retribution Review (Kirk Haviland)

Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) Starring – Milla Jovovich, Sienna Guillory, Michelle Rodriguez, Aryana Engineer, Boris Kodjoe, BingBing Li Written and Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson Coming back to the Cineplex, from Allliance films, this weekend for the 4th follow up to 2002’s Resident Evil, Resident Evil: Retribution goes back to its roots. Writer/Director Paul W.S. […]

TIFF 2012 – Silver Linings Playbook Review (Dustin SanVido)

Silver Linings Playbook (2012) Starring Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Julia Stiles, and Chris Tucker Directed by David O. Russell Being a self-confessed football junkie, I have eagerly anticipated the latest film from David O. Russell, if not simply for the fact that the subject matter is something that I could easily relate […]

TIFF 2012 – The Place Beyond the Pines Review (Matt Hodgson)

The Place Beyond the Pines (2012) Starring Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Eva Mendes, Rose Byrne, Ray Liotta, Dane DeHaan, Bruce Greenwood, Ben Mendelsohn, Emory Cohen, and Mahershala Ali Directed by Derek Cianfrance The Place Beyond the Pines (PBtP) attracted me with its all-star cast and the hint that it may be the unofficial sequel to […]

TIFF 2012 – Seven Psychopaths Review (Matt Hodgson)

2012 Toronto International Film Festival Seven Psychopaths (2012) Starring Colin Farrell, Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell, Abbie Cornish, Olga Kurylenko, and Christopher Walken Directed by Martin McDonagh Note: I had some concerns during Dredd 3D regarding the large number of seats (225 or so) that had been reserved for VIPs and therefore were withheld from paying […]

TIFF 2012 – Dredd 3D Review (Matt Hodgson)

Toronto International Film Festival 2012 Dredd 3D (2012) Starring Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby, and Lena Headey Screenplay by Alex Garland Directed by Pete Travis Making my way to the Ryerson theatre 90 minutes before showtime, I could only mutter a few expletives under my breath as I realized that the line for the first Midnight […]

Lawless Review (Kirk Haviland)

Lawless (2012) Starring Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy, Jason Clarke, Jessica Chastain, Guy Pierce, Mia Wasikowska, Dane DeHaan, Noah Taylor and Gary Oldman Written by Nick Cave based on the novel by Matt Bondurant Directed by John Hillcoat New to theaters this week from Alliance Entertainment Canada is Lawless, a fictionalized accounting of the true story […]

Premium Rush Review (Dustin SanVido)

Premium Rush (2012) Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Shannon, Dania Ramirez, Wole Parks, and Jamie Chung. Directed by David Koepp Editor’s note: We’re very happy to add yet another member to our team of enthusiastic cinephiles. Dustin SanVido, aka The Film Authority, is off the charts when it comes to enthusiasm and appreciation of modern movies. […]

The Walking Dead Season 2 DVD Review (Kirk Haviland)

The Walking Dead Season 2 Starring Andrew Lincoln, Jon Bernthal, Sarah Wayne Callies, Laurie Holden, Norman Reedus, Steven  Yuen, Chandler Riggs, Lauren Cohan, Melissa McBride, Jeffrey DeMunn, IronE Singleton with Pruitt Taylor Vince and Scott Wilson Created by Robert Kirkman and Frank Darabont One of the hottest shows on television today, out on DVD and […]

New to Blu: Halloween 4 and Halloween 5 Reviews (Kirk Haviland)

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers Starring Donald Pleasence, Danielle Harris, Ellie Cornell, George P. Wilbur, Kathleen Kinmont, Sasha Jenson and Beau Starr Written by Danny Lipsius, Larry Rattner, Benjamin Ruffner and Alan B. McElroy Directed by Dwight H. Little Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers Starring Donald Pleasence, Danielle Harris, Ellie Cornell, […]

Film Festival Coverage

Hot Docs 2013: Expedition to the End of the World Review (Paolo Kagaoan)

Expedition to the End of the World Directed by Daniel Dencik The titular Expedition to the End of the World happens every summer, taking its expert Danish passengers to Greenland. The journey, as well as the filmmakers going with them this time around, have no set agenda. Surprisingly, it’s the chosen method for most filmmakers, […]

Home Video Reviews

The Way Way Back Blu-ray Review (Kirk Haviland)

Starring: Liam James, Steve Carell, Toni Collette, Sam Rockwell, Alison Janney, AnnaSophia Robb, Maya Rudolph, Rob Corddry, Amanda Peet, Jim Rash and Nat Faxon. Written and Directed by Jim Rash and Nat Faxon 2013 has proven to be a strong year for coming of age dramas with The Spectacular Now, The Kings of Summer and […]


Netflix: The Relic Review (Dustin SanVido)

Netflix: The Relic Review (Dustin SanVido)

The Relic (1997) Starring Penelope Ann Miller, Tom Sizemore, Linda Hunt and James Whitmore Directed by Peter Hyams Continuing the addition of Entertainment Maven’s foray into the world of online film streaming, I found myself on the Netflix main page for around 25 minutes last evening. The problem I’ve always had with selecting films to […]


Review: Thor – The Dark World (Dustin SanVido)

Review: Thor: The Dark World Starring Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Christopher Eccleston, Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins, Jamie Alexander, Kat Dennings, Stellen Skarrsgard, Rene Russo, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Zachary Levy, Idris Elba, and Ray Stevenson Written by Christopher Yost, Christopher Markus, and Stephen McFeely (and a little help from Joss Whedon) Directed by Alan Taylor Marvel has […]

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Kick-Ass 2 Review (Kirk Haviland)

Starting this weekend in theaters from Universal Studios is the eagerly awaited sequel to the 2010 cult film that hit large on home video, Kick-Ass 2. This time around the film is under the reigns of writer/director Jeff Wadlow and only produced by the original’s director Matthew Vaughn. The graphic novel sequel to Kick-Ass, Kick-Ass […]