My Ridiculously Late Best of 2011 List – Theatrical releases and festival fare

Most people around me are living in the future. Everything is 2012 this, 2012 that, but I’m still focusing on 2011. I entered the world of film reviewing in July 2011, and as a result I’ve been playing catchup for the entire year. December was brutal, and it is only now that I feel IContinue reading “My Ridiculously Late Best of 2011 List – Theatrical releases and festival fare”

Seal of Approval Additions from TIFF 2011

About a week ago I surreptitiously put up a new page called ‘Entertainment Maven Seal Approval’. This is the best-of-the-best and the heart of what Entertainment Maven is all about. Post to post, the quality of the products reviewed will vary greatly, but clicking on the seal of approval trims the fat, even very positiveContinue reading “Seal of Approval Additions from TIFF 2011”

Alois Nebel Review (TIFF 2011)

Tomás Lunák’s Alois Nebel was my final screening at TIFF 2011, a whole five days ago. I was maintaining a frantic pace of screening and reviewing, but it caught up with me in the end. I picked this film on a whim, because I am a fan of animation, especially foreign animation, and it lookedContinue reading “Alois Nebel Review (TIFF 2011)”

Kill List Review (TIFF 2011) – Where the hell am I?

Sitting down for The Raid, during the first night of Midnight Madness, the programmer, Colin Geddes, briefly went through the lineup with us. He told us about the action packed The Raid, the all-night game of cops and robbers in Sleepless Night, the crossbow wielding killers in You’re Next, etc. When he got to theContinue reading “Kill List Review (TIFF 2011) – Where the hell am I?”

The Sword Identity Review TIFF 2011 (Wo kou de zong ji)

The Sword Identity is the debut film from director Xu Haofeng. At first glance this film looked like a typical historical martial arts film, with plenty of action, but on closer inspection The Sword Identity seemed like it could be a very unique film. The multi-talented Xu has drawn on his knowledge of martial arts,Continue reading “The Sword Identity Review TIFF 2011 (Wo kou de zong ji)”