The Keepers: More Brave Filmmaking from Netflix

I used to look down on true crime stories as they seemed sensationalistic and lacking of any real respect for the victims and their families. They seemed like nothing more than tasteless entertainment. That changed for me with the Netflix produced Making a Murderer which was created by filmmakers who seemed genuinely concerned with injusticeContinue reading “The Keepers: More Brave Filmmaking from Netflix”

Hot Docs 2013: I Am Breathing Review (Paolo Kagaoan)

I Am Breathing Featuring Neil Platt, Louise Platt and Oscar Platt Directed by Morag McKinnon and Emma Davie Let me talk about I Am Breathing’s obsession with visuals, which seems like a grim thing to consider while discussing a movie about a man with Motor Neurone Disease. The movie uses many close-ups – computer screens,Continue reading “Hot Docs 2013: I Am Breathing Review (Paolo Kagaoan)”

Hot Docs 2013: Future My Love Review (Paolo Kagaoan)

Future My Love Featuring Maja Borg and Jacques Fresco Directed by Maja Borg A text can simply show the facts, which, at best make us feel like we’re soaring, exceeding our human, intellectual potential. Or it focuses on the consequences, making us feel weighed down and ambivalent. The latter is the riskier method and that’sContinue reading “Hot Docs 2013: Future My Love Review (Paolo Kagaoan)”

Alex Winter uploads his thoughts on ‘Downloaded’ (Interview)

Alex Winter uploads his thoughts on ‘Downloaded’ With his new documentary “Downloaded” having it’s Hot Docs debut tonight, Alex Winter has finally graduated from being Bill from “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” into a seriously talented documentarian with a sharp eye for story and humor. The film is a rousing crowd pleaser and one ofContinue reading “Alex Winter uploads his thoughts on ‘Downloaded’ (Interview)”

Netflix: The Imposter Review (Matt Hodgson)

The Imposter (2012) Starring Adam O’Brian, Frédéric Bourdin, and Carey Gibson Directed by Bart Layton In between unsolicited screenwriting and job hunting (some of the hardest and yet most rewarding work I’ve ever done vs. the Maslovian requirements of food and shelter and the currency exchanged for them) I’ve been spending a lot of timeContinue reading “Netflix: The Imposter Review (Matt Hodgson)”