The Keepers: More Brave Filmmaking from Netflix

I used to look down on true crime stories as they seemed sensationalistic and lacking of any real respect for the victims and their families. They seemed like nothing more than tasteless entertainment. That changed for me with the Netflix produced Making a Murderer which was created by filmmakers who seemed genuinely concerned with injusticeContinue reading “The Keepers: More Brave Filmmaking from Netflix”

Netflix: The Relic Review (Dustin SanVido)

The Relic (1997) Starring Penelope Ann Miller, Tom Sizemore, Linda Hunt and James Whitmore Directed by Peter Hyams Continuing the addition of Entertainment Maven’s foray into the world of online film streaming, I found myself on the Netflix main page for around 25 minutes last evening. The problem I’ve always had with selecting films toContinue reading “Netflix: The Relic Review (Dustin SanVido)”

Dark Skies Review (Robert Harding)

Dark Skies (2013) Starring Keri Russell, Jake Brennan, Josh Hamilton Directed by Scott Stewart It is often said that what you can’t see is scarier than that which you can.  That thinking something might be lurking in the shadows brings about more fear than actually seeing the monster itself. Dark Skies takes this concept inContinue reading “Dark Skies Review (Robert Harding)”

A Good Day to Die Hard Review (Robert Harding)

A Good Day to Die Hard (2013) Starring Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney, Sebastian Koch, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead Directed by John Moore A Good Day to Die Hard marks the 5th installment, yes I said 5th, in the Die Hard franchise. Bruce Willis reprises his role as John McClane with Mary Elizabeth Winstead coming backContinue reading “A Good Day to Die Hard Review (Robert Harding)”

Side Effects Review (Dustin SanVido)

Side Effects (2013) Starring Jude Law, Rooney Mara, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Channing Tatum Written by Scott Burns Music by Tomas Newman Directed by Steven Soderbergh Steven Soderbergh has been one of the most, if not the most prolific director of the last two decades. Although I’m not a particularly big fan of his work thereContinue reading “Side Effects Review (Dustin SanVido)”