My Ridiculously Late Best of 2011 List – Theatrical releases and festival fare

Most people around me are living in the future. Everything is 2012 this, 2012 that, but I’m still focusing on 2011. I entered the world of film reviewing in July 2011, and as a result I’ve been playing catchup for the entire year. December was brutal, and it is only now that I feel I have seen enough of what 2011 had to offer to actually make a ‘best films of the year’ list. Since many people have not had a chance to see the films offered at the festivals in 2011, I have taken the privilege of separating my top 20 into the top 10 theatrical releases and the top 10 festival films. I hope you enjoy my lists, and if you agree or disagree then let me know!

On with the show.


10. Hanna

9. The Illusionist

8. Troll Hunter

7. Attack the Block

6. The Artist

5. Midnight in Paris

4. Drive

3. Café de Flore

2. 50/50

1. Take Shelter


10. You’re Next

9. The Divide

8. A Lonely Place to Die

7. Sleepless Night

6. The Innkeepers

5. A Letter to Momo

4. Kill List

3. Some Guy Who Kills People

2. Redline

1. The Raid


Seal of Approval Additions from TIFF 2011

About a week ago I surreptitiously put up a new page called ‘Entertainment Maven Seal Approval’. This is the best-of-the-best and the heart of what Entertainment Maven is all about. Post to post, the quality of the products reviewed will vary greatly, but clicking on the seal of approval trims the fat, even very positive reviews are excluded if the product is not GREAT.

Below are my seal of approval additions from TIFF 2011. Also, I realize the irony that the seal of approval does not have an actual visual seal, but I am graphically inept. I will try to change this in the future. Click on the title of the film to be linked to my review.

On to the films!

A Letter to Momo

Image is not the property of Entertainment Maven

An enchanting animated film that was seven years in the making and doesn’t disappoint. The characters feel real and Momo’s animated facial expressions have to be some of the best I have ever seen.

Alois Nebel

Image is not the property of Entertainment Maven

A haunting tale from the Czech Republic. The combination of black-and-white and rotoscope animation creates a gloomy atmosphere will not be easily forgotten by viewers.

Kill List

Image is not the property of Entertainment Maven

One of the most disturbing and shocking films I have ever seen.

The Raid

Image is not the property of Entertainment Maven

The use of a little known martial arts style called Silat provides the genre with a breath of fresh air. Sure to go down as one of the greatest action films ever made.

Sleepless Night

Image is not the property of Entertainment Maven

Cops and robbers all night long in a Parisian night club.

You’re Next

Image is not the property of Entertainment Maven

Scary and funny, always a difficult combination to pull off, but one of the most enjoyable when it is done right. You’re next pushes all the right buttons.

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