Troll Hunter (Trolljegeren) – The Royal (Toronto)

Try to think of the world’s most dangerous job – go ahead, I’ll wait. All done? Did you come up with crocodile dentist? Bio-warfare experimental subject? Cyanide sommelier? They are all wrong. The correct answer is Troll Hunter. It turns out that troll hunting isn’t as heroic as it sounds. The hours are long, theContinue reading “Troll Hunter (Trolljegeren) – The Royal (Toronto)”

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil – Toronto Underground Cinema

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil has a lot in common with hillbilly slasher flicks like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the Wrong Turn series. However, there a couple major differences: The hillbillies are the good guys and the film is hilarious! My sides and face are still aching this morning, that’s how funny it is! IContinue reading “Tucker & Dale vs. Evil – Toronto Underground Cinema”

Little Terrors – Short horror film series (The Projection Booth, Toronto)

Last night I took a trip down Gerrard Street in Toronto, away from the busy downtown core. There’s not a lot to do on Gerrard and there’s not a lot to see, but if you’re patient and ride the streetcar to 1035 Gerrard St. E., you will find one of the coolest theatres in town.Continue reading “Little Terrors – Short horror film series (The Projection Booth, Toronto)”

TIFF 2011 – Midnight Madness

We’ve just received some exciting news here at the maven. Apparently some funds have trickled down from our parent company, allowing some of our correspondents to attend the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)! In particular, entertainment maven will be covering the complete midnight madness lineup. TIFF 2011 runs from September 8th-18th and will beContinue reading “TIFF 2011 – Midnight Madness”

Fredric Brown – Master of Mystery (Night of the Jabberwock, The Screaming Mimi and The Far Cry)

Why don’t more people know about Fredric Brown? I think this is one of life’s greatest mysteries. A master of short stories, ingenious plot devices and twist endings, Brown has been all but forgotten in recent years. For most of his writing career Brown survived by publishing in pulp magazines, inexpensive fiction publications that mainlyContinue reading “Fredric Brown – Master of Mystery (Night of the Jabberwock, The Screaming Mimi and The Far Cry)”