Hot Docs 2013: Downloaded Review (Kirk Haviland)

Downloaded Director: Alex Winter In 1998, teenage hacker Shawn Fanning cracked the code that enabled peer-to-peer file sharing online. In 1999, he partnered with his friend and fellow teen Sean Parker (later of Facebook fame) to launch a little service known as Napster. The music-sharing website transformed not only the music industry, but technology asContinue reading “Hot Docs 2013: Downloaded Review (Kirk Haviland)”

Oblivion Review (Kirk Haviland)

  Oblivion Starring: Tom Cruise, Andrea Riseborough, Olga Kurylenko, Zoe Bell, Melissa Leo and Morgan Freeman Written by Joseph Kosinski, Karl Gajdusek and Michael Arndt Directed by Joseph Kosinski New in theaters this week is the new Science Fiction action/thriller from the director of Tron: Legacy starring Tom Cruise, Oblivion. The first of many apocalypticContinue reading “Oblivion Review (Kirk Haviland)”

Trance Review (Kirk Haviland)

  Trance Review Starring: James McAvoy, Vincent Cassel, Rosario Dawson Written by Joe Ahearne, John Hodge Directed by Danny Boyle Director Danny Boyle takes a step back into the realm of the psychological crime thriller for the first time since his debut film “Shallow Grave” with his newest film set in the world of artContinue reading “Trance Review (Kirk Haviland)”

Jurassic Park 3D Review (Kirk Haviland)

Jurassic Park 3D Review Starring: Sam Neil, Laura Dern, Richard Attenborough, Jeff Goldblum, Ariana Richards, Joseph Mazzello, Bob Peck, Martin Ferrero, BD Wong, Wayne Knight and Samuel L. Jackson Written by David Koepp and Michael Crichton based on Crichton’s novel. Directed by Steven Spielberg Back in theaters 20 years after its initial release, and yesContinue reading “Jurassic Park 3D Review (Kirk Haviland)”

Home Video Spotlight Mar 26- April 1: Lincoln, Parental Guidance and more

  Home Video Spotlight Mar 26- April 1: Lincoln, Parental Guidance and more Here’s a look at some of the titles new in stores this week. Lincoln (Disney Home Entertainment) Steven Spielberg’s take on the last 4 months, and also the most turbulent 4 months, of Abraham’s Lincoln’s life and presidency comes to DVD andContinue reading “Home Video Spotlight Mar 26- April 1: Lincoln, Parental Guidance and more”