The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Review

‘Remake’ is such a dirty word, but one that many feel defines a large portion of Hollywood releases these days. I’ve seen comments on film review blogs castigating the reviewer for calling a particular film a remake because it was in fact a re-envisioning based on the same material, or in the case of 2011’sContinue reading “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Review”

J. Edgar Review – A lackluster attempt to ruffle some feathers

Not being a devotee of American history, I was quite interested in seeing Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar for the reason that two hours of viewing could teach me more about the man who created the FBI than I had previously learned in my entire life. The FBI seems to have lost much of their mysteryContinue reading “J. Edgar Review – A lackluster attempt to ruffle some feathers”

Elite Squad: The Enemy Within (Tropa de Elite 2 – O Inimigo Agora E Outro) Review

I know what you’re thinking; this title sounds like a direct to DVD release, at least this was the thought that paraded through my mind as I was scrolling through theatre listings, trying to figure out what to go and see on a Wednesday afternoon. Luckily I dug a little deeper for more information thanContinue reading “Elite Squad: The Enemy Within (Tropa de Elite 2 – O Inimigo Agora E Outro) Review”

Café de Flore Review – From the director of C.R.A.Z.Y.

When I recently met up with a large group of people involved in the Toronto film blogging scene, I was really looking forward to discussing everything I had watched at Midnight Madness and Toronto After Dark, from mind melting movies like Kill List and Redline, to action packed offerings like The Raid and A LonelyContinue reading “Café de Flore Review – From the director of C.R.A.Z.Y.”

The Thing (2011) Review

Remake? Prequel? Both? There has been plenty talk leading up to the release of The Thing, regarding what fans of John Carpenter’s 1982 masterpiece should expect. These fans would likely view a straight remake as an abomination, while a properly executed prequel would be devoured voraciously, as it has been nearly 30 years since theContinue reading “The Thing (2011) Review”