Fantasia 2012 – Resolution Review (Matt Hodgson)

Fantasia Film Festival 2012 Resolution (2012) Starring Peter Cilella, Vinny Curran, Kurt David Anderson, Emily Montague, and Skyler Meacham Directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Scott Moorhead While I have been having an amazing time at my first-ever Fantasia Film Festival, that dark corner of my heart has yet to have its fill. Horror hasContinue reading “Fantasia 2012 – Resolution Review (Matt Hodgson)”

Fantasia 2012 – Wrong Review (Matt Hodgson)

Fantasia Film Festival 2012 Wrong (2012) Starring Jack Plotnick, Steve Little, Eric Judor, William Fichtner, and Alexis Dziena Directed by Quentin Dupieux MINOR SPOILERS A week into Fantasia 2012 and I’ve seen a very wide sampling of what the word genre can mean. It can mean horror, bizarre comedy, Hong Kong action, and apparently itContinue reading “Fantasia 2012 – Wrong Review (Matt Hodgson)”

Fantasia 2012 – Crave Review (Matt Hodgson)

Fantasia Film Festival 2012 Crave (2012) Starring Josh Lawson, Emma Lung, Ron Perlman, and Edward Furlong Directed by Charles de Lauzirika Last night was the world premiere for an interesting movie written and directed by Charles de Lauzirikia, up until this point a very experienced documentarian and DVD/Blu-Ray producer. As it turned out, Crave wasContinue reading “Fantasia 2012 – Crave Review (Matt Hodgson)”

Fantasia 2012 – Lloyd the Conqueror Review (Matt Hodgson)

Fantasia Film Festival 2012 Lloyd the Conqueror Starring Evan Williams, Mike Smith, Brian Posehn, Tegan Moss, and Harland Williams Directed by Michael Peterson I decided to check out Lloyd the Conqueror in one of Fantasia’s late-afternoon time slots simply based on the poster alone. Not only did the poster look awesome, but the quote atContinue reading “Fantasia 2012 – Lloyd the Conqueror Review (Matt Hodgson)”

Fantasia 2012 – Dead Sushi Review (Matt Hodgson)

Fantasia Film Festival 2012 Dead Sushi (World Premiere) Starring Rina Takeda, Shigeru Matsuzaki, Kentaro Shimazu, Takashi Nishina, and Asami Directed by Noboru Iguchi It was just the other night as I watched Iguchi’s other film at Fantasia, Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead, that I started thinking, ‘maybe I’m too old for this stuff.’ ShoutsContinue reading “Fantasia 2012 – Dead Sushi Review (Matt Hodgson)”