INSIDE OUT 2012 (Toronto) – Sagat Review (Paolo Kagaoan)

INSIDE OUT 2012 (Toronto) Sagat Starring Franois Sagat Directed by Pascal Roche and Jérôme M. De Oliveira Saturday began with two shorts which, in their different ways, fit well with the main feature. The first is a great short with an unfortunately generic title – A Day in the Country – that and its actorsContinue reading “INSIDE OUT 2012 (Toronto) – Sagat Review (Paolo Kagaoan)”

INSIDE OUT 2012 (Toronto) – Naked as We Came Review (Paolo Kagaoan)

INSIDE OUT 2012 (Toronto) Starring Ryan Vigilant, Karmine Alers, and Benjamin Weaver Directed by Richard LeMay Naked As We Came is beautifully shot, its cinematography reminiscent of Andrea Arnold’s Wuthering Heights, both using deep colours to depict the flora surrounding tumultuous country life. Although in Naked, the country house is a slick, white, one-floor BauhausContinue reading “INSIDE OUT 2012 (Toronto) – Naked as We Came Review (Paolo Kagaoan)”

Gun Hill Road Review (Paolo Kagaoan)

Gun Hill Road was in the selection for last year’s Inside Out LGBT Film Festival. It was screened at the Revue Cinema in Toronto last Sunday night as a preview of the diverse, complex and cinematic perspectives to come in this year’s program. Gun Hill Road is overcast, beginning by showing the last days ofContinue reading “Gun Hill Road Review (Paolo Kagaoan)”