Little Terrors Volume 4 (Toronto) – Guest Blogger Phil Graves Returns

Editor’s note: Last month my doctor told me that I had a serious case of the shivers and creeps, as a result he restricted my film diet to Hollywood fare like 2011’s The Thing and Don’t be Afraid of the Dark, you know, movies that aren’t all that scary. Unfortunately, this means that I amContinue reading “Little Terrors Volume 4 (Toronto) – Guest Blogger Phil Graves Returns”

The Thing (2011) Review

Remake? Prequel? Both? There has been plenty talk leading up to the release of The Thing, regarding what fans of John Carpenter’s 1982 masterpiece should expect. These fans would likely view a straight remake as an abomination, while a properly executed prequel would be devoured voraciously, as it has been nearly 30 years since theContinue reading “The Thing (2011) Review”

Alois Nebel Review (TIFF 2011)

Tomás Lunák’s Alois Nebel was my final screening at TIFF 2011, a whole five days ago. I was maintaining a frantic pace of screening and reviewing, but it caught up with me in the end. I picked this film on a whim, because I am a fan of animation, especially foreign animation, and it lookedContinue reading “Alois Nebel Review (TIFF 2011)”