Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc – Essential drinking

If you haven’t had a Kronenbourg Blanc yet, then chances are you have been living in a cave, sustaining yourself on stone soup and tongue-of-old-worn-out-boot sandwiches. Also, you have personally offended me and I will expect your apology in the comments section.

Seriously though, you can work up a fairly daunting bar tab while drinking Blanc and having good conversation with friends. The stuff goes down like ice cold water on a hot day and yet still has plenty of flavour, unlike other beers that go down easy (Corona, Coors light, etc.).

The specific flavours are a little difficult to nail down. I definitely get a lemon flavour and a bit of corriander, however the beer may be more complex than that. Whatever the combination of flavours, it is sublime and has to be the best beer to order on a hot summer day.

Kronenbourg Blanc is available around the world, however some areas are having a hard time getting a regular dose of the nectar. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where the government regulates the sale of alcohol through The Beer Store and the LCBO. If you live in Toronto and want to try Blanc, your best bet is to hit up a bar that carries it (RealSports Bar for example). It does appear now and then in the LCBO, but in such pathetically small quantities, especially considering that it is far superior to many of the products taking up space on the shelves.

If you want to apply some pressure to the LCBO to start carrying Blanc regularly, give them a call or check out the ‘Kronenbourg Blanc Appreciation’ Facebook page!


3 thoughts on “Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc – Essential drinking

  1. “especially considering that it is far superior to many of the products taking up space on the shelves.”

    Seems to be the case throughout many industries, especially the urban music industry now @ days.

    Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll make a point to look for it next time I’m at a bar or LCBO!

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