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Sleepless Night Review TIFF 2011 (Nuit Blanche) – An evening of action and thrills in a Parisian nightclub

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In a previous online interview, the programmer of Midnight Madness, Colin Geddes, said his two picks for films that may surprise some people were Sleepless Night (Nuit Blanche) and The Day. Based on this recommendation, I was very anxious to view Frédéric Jardin’s Sleepless Night because the films at Midnight Madness had taken an inevitable dip in quality from the non-stop excitement of The Raid and You’re Next, although it should be said that every single film has been interesting in its own right. Nobody knew anything about this Sleepless Night going in. Tomer Sisley, the lead actor, even told us so during the introduction, with a smirk on his face and in a slightly arrogant manner. The man certainly seemed confident in the film. Did he have reason to be?

Sleepless Night begins with the credits rolling in reverse. It turns out they are gliding over the hood and roof of car speeding through the streets of Paris. Intense music and balaclavas let the audience know that Sleepless Night isn’t going to hold their hand, but will rather force them into the narrative, ready or not. Two crooked cops, Vincent (Tomer Sisley) and Manuel (Laurent Stocker), rip off some small time thugs for a gym bag full of cocaine. The drugs belong to Marciano (Serge Riaboukine), an established criminal that operates out of his nightclub, Tarmac. Before we have a chance to get comfortable, Marciano has identified Vincent as one of the thieves that ripped him off, and has kidnapped Vincent’s teenage son, Thomas (Samy Seghir). The remainder of the film sees Vincent running and fighting his way through the nightclub, trying to evade Marciano’s henchmen as well as undercover internal affairs officers, all while trying to save Thomas.

Sleepless night reminds me of hugely entertaining non-stop action-thrillers like Taken and Edge of Darkness. Sure, the characters played by Liam Neeson and Mel Gibson have a serious problem NOT killing people, that Sisley’s Vincent does not seem to share, but the allure of the films is the same, adrenaline pumping tension and action. What separates Sleepless Night from other films of the same ilk, is that the action and use of force escalates at a very gradual and realistic rate. Words are initially the primary vehicle of the suspense and action, followed by fists and feet, and then finally bullets. It’s refreshing to see a hero not come out ‘guns a blazin’ when the odds are stacked so heavily against him.

The nightclub works perfectly for the setting of the film. I love it when single locations are utilized effectively for nearly entire runtimes. Unnecessary and copious scene changes require work from the audience and often detract from the narrative. Marciano’s nightclub, Tarmac, with its variety of rooms and patrons provides an excellent environment for the struggle between Vincent, Marciano and the internal affairs agents. Effective cinematography and music also help convey the confusion and tension of the predicament that Vincent has found himself in. The camera work even has a bit of a French Connection realism feel at times.

It was great to see Sisley before and after the film. He had his phone out taking videos of the fans in line and then their reactions at the end of the film. He looked like a kid in a candy store. It’s only at film festivals where you can see a sight like that and get an idea of how much satisfaction film makers and actors can derive from a successful screening. The best way to describe Sleepless Night is probably as a ‘cops and robbers’ chase that doesn’t let up until the final credits roll. Congratulations to Jardin and crew for creating a very entertaining film. Check this one out if you get the chance!


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One comment on “Sleepless Night Review TIFF 2011 (Nuit Blanche) – An evening of action and thrills in a Parisian nightclub

  1. 場所のすべての構成は、ちょうどオフィスで一人で一日愛三工業天を待って、他の金曜日、小北に曜日にのみ艾三田オフィスでも階下のオフィスで点灯を参照してください、彼らは大きなLETに気づくリリーは、彼らがタルト、リリーが行くように細心の注意を払うようにDenghongのNa李Santianとして、考えたことができ、来る。




    リリーがドアを開けて中に行き、艾三田文書を探して彼の机に座っていた、リリーは、ルックアップではなく、単に言っていなかった彼に来た: “?。異常がある」



    「ええと、Aizhu漣、あなたは非常に良好であったと聞いていたので、あなたが本当に役立つために何かを持っている、 “リリはかわいらしく言った。

    愛三工業天リリーは、ソファーに近く、リリーは言っていない肩の上に休んで、彼の手を座って: シャネル 化粧品”いいえ問題、私の評判あなたはすべて知っている、有名なナイスガイ、私が言うには何も持って同じようにバー ”

    彼らはいくつかの時間前にパートタイムの光に行く忙しい」、そしてあなたが私に全体の60分を与え、鄧を伝えるようにすぐに法的レッスン支店、ディレクター、先生を切った:愛三工業天はリリーの肩を叩いた、リリーはかわいらしく言った聖歌! ”


    「私の名前はリリーで、外でパートタイムでの人は、めったに学校に滞在しない、監督は、これが忙しい私を助けるために必要がある可能性があり、さもないと私は卒業していない恐れている! “その後、リリーは愛三工業天に登っ叫んだ人立ち上がる。

    愛三工業天リリ言いながら、背中に撫でながら、「ああ、ああ、女の子、ああ、小平、と言って先生のディレクターで、この事を泣かないで、心配しないでください。 ”


    この時間の後、小さな北の小さな建物に足をつまんでつまむことができ、瞬間として、笑っねえmuzzled、モンクレール 通販彼らの会話を聞いて、愛三工業天のオフィスのドアを来た。


    これは、より多くのインスピレーション愛三工業天の火で、きちんとして迅速なオフ彼の服リリー、リリー突然、その後言った: “役員は、あなたが今日ここに、誰も心配しませんか、私はダンスを与えるそれ! ”

    愛三工業天ねえ笑顔は、言った: “まあ、はい、リリーは素晴らしい身長!”



    小北は考えた:「十分だこの愛B! ”

    と思ったかもしれない:「これは本当にマーケティング担当リリーです! ”




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