Some Guy Who Kills People Review – Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2011

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The 6th Annual Toronto After Dark Film Festival, 8 Nights of Horror, Sci-Fi, Action, and Cult Movies runs Oct 20-27, 2011 at the Toronto Underground Cinema. For complete festival info visit

Remember that guy in high school who would always sit in the tech hall and play Magic cards? And then there were the jocks who would sit on the bench all day and gawk at all the girls who walked by. Finally, there was that guy who killed people, remember him? Good times. Alright, maybe I don’t remember that last guy, but he could have existed. Hell, he could even still be up to his favourite pastime, all it would take is a clever daytime gig, perhaps as an ice cream store employee.

Going into Sunday afternoon, I had already seen numerous highly entertaining films at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, however the high octane racing anime Redline was head and shoulders above the competition. It was just that good. Well, the competition has arrived in the form of the black comedy Some Guy Who Kills People. Some Guy is everything you could want in a horror\comedy. Razor sharp dialogue, impeccable characters and acting, some seriously gory kill scenes, but most importantly one of the funniest scripts of the past five years or so.

Some Guy was preceded by the short film and tongue twister Anamnesis, directed by Damian Weston for a 48-hour short film competition. Anamnesis has some scary and interesting elements, but I really wish that I could see it again, as I feel like a missed some of the narrative. The film is a great accomplishment considering it was made it two days.

Back to Some Guy.

The film follows a man named Ken Boyd (Kevin Corrigan from Pineapple Express and Fringe) who has recently been released from a mental institution. Boyd now lives with his mother (Karen Black) and works at a local ice cream parlour – somewhat demeaning for a thirty-something year-old man. One day Boyd decides that it is time to pay back the high school bullies who basically landed him in the nut house. One by one the mutilated corpses of the bullies began to turn up in a horrific series of murders, with only the bumbling local sheriff (Barry Bostwick) available to solve the crimes.

There are so many positives about Some Guy, that I don’t even know were to begin. The film should rocket director Jack Perez and writer Ryan A. Levin out of relative obscurity. Perez has been directing small time movies like Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus and Wild Things 2, while Levin has been writing TV episodes and short films. Some Guy makes it clear just how talented these two individuals are, particularly Levin, who has turned out an absolute riot of script. Black comedies are very often chuckling and smirking affairs, rather than laugh out loud occasions. This is not the case with Some Guy. Witty writing and incredible acting take this comedy to the next level.

Kevin Corrigan’s portrayal of the soft spoken and secretive Ken Boyd is often funny, cute, and endearing. The role could have been seriously in danger of becoming vapid or annoying in the hands of a less talented actor. Despite the strong performance turned in by Corrigan, Some Guy is straight up hijacked by Barry Bostwick and Karen Black. Bostwick’s role as the wacky Sheriff is pure comedic genius and is without a doubt award worthy. I’m not sure about the rest of the audience, but I was always anxious for him to come back on screen, just so I could see what he would get up to next. Karen Black is not far behind Bostwick in terms of comedic talent. Throughout the film, Black rips on Boyd with some of the most hilariously insensitive quips.

Go see Some Guy, I guarantee you will like it. If you don’t, I know of this great ice cream parlour where you can go whine about my review. Just make sure to tell Ken Boyd that you didn’t like his movie.

Lastly, when can I go see Some Guy in theatres again? When can I buy the DVD? Will Levin come over to my apartment for beers if I invite him? I need answers dammit!

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