A Really Bad Play – Hilarious theatre in Toronto

If you live in Toronto and have the January movie theatre blues, then get your ass off the couch or out of the multiplex, and make your way down to The Pia Bouman Theatre (Tuesday, January 31st – Saturday, February 4th) for A Really Bad Play, one of the most hysterical, side-splitting, ROFL plays out there.

The play is written and directed by rising comedy star Daniel Stolfi. Fresh off his incredibly successful one-man show, Cancer Can’t Dance Like This, for which he and his team received a Canadian Comedy Award, Stolfi has decided to tackle the world of bad theatre. He is not so much satirical, or tongue-in-cheek, instead Stolfi has written a piece of theatre that is an assault on the funny bone and could double as a trip to the gym, as audiences will be literally trying to catch their breathe in between laughs. A Really Bad Play also features an incredibly talented and experienced cast (Shawn Ahmed, Jessie Gabe, Ryan Allen, and Trevor Small) who manage to make Stolfi’s excellent writing even better through their performances.

For $15 dollars in advance or $20 at the door it’s really a no-brainer. Get out and see Stolfi now before he goes the way of previous talented Canadians and is snatched up by our neighbours with the deep pockets.

A Really Bad Play is the perfect cure for the January blues.


A Really Bad Play (Facebook)

Cancer Can’t Dance Like This


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