ChickFlicking on Entertainment Maven with Nadia Sandhu

I was never one for “chick flicks”, unless you count my teenage obsession with Gone With the Wind.  When my best friend was sobbing, I was laughing at the end of The Notebook.

Now that I’m on the other side of thirty and a confirmed singleton, I’ve noticed some strangely mushy stirrings.  It all came home to me earlier this winter when I started watching Downton Abbey and found myself enthralled, absolutely captivated, by the romance and SPOILER ALERT the long overdue engagement of Matthew and Mary. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m shipping Delena on The Vampire Diaries.

So I think it is time to revisit the Chick Flick, for lack of a better term.  What makes us ladies weak in the knees ? Why do some of us pull out hankies? What is a chick flick anyway?  And how does one go about conducting a comparative evaluation?

I’m Nadia Sandhu and I’ll be ChickFlicking on Entertainment Maven as I strive to develop a criteria, get to the bottom of the genre, and grow a heart after all.

Here’s a peek at her first review!

I saw Titanic more than once on the first go-around in 1997 – the third time was even on a date!  It was pure disaster porn and my takeaway point was apparently that when faced with death by propeller, or plunging into the cold blue sea, I would take the pessimistic approach and go the revolver route (I know, I know – my date was suitably appalled too).

I’ve since rethought that position; better to give oneself a fighting chance, play those odds and potentially find myself on one of those rescue boats after all.

So if I can change my mind about a matter of life and death like that, maybe I will find the epic romance between Jack and Rose more compelling this time around?  And in 3-D no less!

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