HOT DOCS 2012 – Glow: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling Review (Kirk Haviland)


Glow: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

Written by Bradford Thomason

Directed by Brett Whitcomb

Tickets are still available for May 5th, 6:30pm: CLICK HERE

The mid to late eighties was one of the biggest boom periods in the history of professional wrestling. WWE (WWF back then) had a multimedia juggernaut named Hulk Hogan leading the parade and in late 1988 Ted Turner would purchase what would become WCW. It was during this period, in 1986, David McLane had the idea of an all-women company of wrestlers for a syndicated show. But these would not be the typical female wrestlers out there, no these were to be the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Starting with an open casting call, in which they did not advertise they were running a wrestling show, they picked from the beauties who were there to audition. Then they had legendary wrestler Mando Guerrero do the initial training with all the girls and prepared the pilot episode. What followed was a cultural phenomenon that landed the girls on Donahue, Sally Jesse and on TV sitcoms like Married with Children. Then after four years and increasing ratings the show was abruptly canceled and the talent was sent scattering into the wind.

Glow the documentary tracks down a lot of the girls to see what things are like for them today, delves deeper in to the back story of the original show, and possibly spark the reunion of these former comrades after over 20 years apart. Throughout the briskly paced 79 minute presentation we are bombarded with clips from the old shows and raucous tales from the behind the scenes aspects of the production. Director Whitcomb keeps the production focused and on point, sharing heart warming and heart wrenching stories of the Ladies now as he catches up with as many as he can. But beware of one pretty graphic sequence towards the later part of the film, it’s pretty intense.

Extremely fun and very much recommended, check it out before “Matilda the Hun” comes after you!

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