Deadheads – DVD Release and Interview with Brett Pierce

Back in October of last year I attended the Toronto After Dark Film Festival for the first time. 2011 was also my first year as a film blogger, and I was struggling with writing reviews for films that weren’t all that great, but weren’t terrible either. It was a cinch to write positive reviews, butContinue reading “Deadheads – DVD Release and Interview with Brett Pierce”

DeadHeads Review – Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2011

The 6th Annual Toronto After Dark Film Festival, 8 Nights of Horror, Sci-Fi, Action, and Cult Movies runs Oct 20-27, 2011 at the Toronto Underground Cinema. For complete festival info visit Play Dead was the short that preceded DeadHeads and was the first film I have seen to tackle the zombie\pet adventure genre. DirectorsContinue reading “DeadHeads Review – Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2011”