Rise of the Guardians Review (Kirk Haviland)

Rise of the Guardians (2012) Starring the voices of Chris Pine, Alec Baldwin, Jude Law, Isla Fisher and Hugh Jackman Written by David Lindsay-Abaire based on the books written by William Joyce Directed by Peter Ramsey New in theaters in time for US Thanksgiving weekend, and ready to fight for box office domination against stiffContinue reading “Rise of the Guardians Review (Kirk Haviland)”

ChickFlicking – People Like Us Review (Nadia Sandhu)

People Like Us Starring Chris Pine, Elizabeth Banks, Michael Hall D’Addario, and Michelle Pfeiffer Directed by Alex Kurtzman The first thing I noticed when I saw the trailer for “People Like Us” was the amazing chemistry between Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks, which would be great if this was a rom-com, but it isn’t.  ThisContinue reading “ChickFlicking – People Like Us Review (Nadia Sandhu)”