TKFF 2012 Festival Wrap-Up (Kirk Haviland)

TKFF 2012 Kirk The first ever Toronto Korean Film Festival wrapped on July 1st after a nine-day run in its first year. The highlights of the festival were the films of course, closing with the latter two entries of the famed Vengeance Trilogy from Park Chan-wook, Oldboy and Symapthy for Lady Vengeance on 35mm filmContinue reading “TKFF 2012 Festival Wrap-Up (Kirk Haviland)”

New to Blu: The Color of Money Review (Dave Voigt)

The Color of Money (1986) Starring Paul Newman, Tom Cruise, and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio Directed by Martin Scorsese Trailer Just because it is new on Blu-Ray doesn’t necessarily mean it is a new movie.  Celebrating its 25th anniversary and now out on Blu-Ray courtesy of our friends at Touchstone Home Entertainment for the very firstContinue reading “New to Blu: The Color of Money Review (Dave Voigt)”

HOT DOCS 2012 (Toronto) – Festival Wrap-up

Subscribers to Entertainment Maven have had their inboxes and Facebook pages barraged over the last ten or so days with our coverage of Toronto’s massive documentary film festival, Hot Docs 2012. Despite our feverish reviewing, we still only managed to scratch the surface of this incredible festival. Below are three different wrap-ups of the festivalContinue reading “HOT DOCS 2012 (Toronto) – Festival Wrap-up”