INSIDE OUT 2012 (Toronto) – Stud Life (Paolo Kagaoan)

INSIDE OUT 2012 (Toronto) Stud Life Directed by Campbell X Stud Life isn’t a misnomer if you know your way around the esoteric and complicated slang of its setting. In London, ‘stud’ is a colloquial term a butchy lesbian, and both concepts aren’t mutually exclusive, by the way. And it also seems that it isContinue reading “INSIDE OUT 2012 (Toronto) – Stud Life (Paolo Kagaoan)”

INSIDE OUT 2012 (Toronto) – Outland Review (Paolo Kagaoan)

INSIDE OUT 2012 (Toronto) Outland (2011) Directed by Kevin Carlin Outland, produced by the same people that made Summer Heights High, is a series presented through Inside Out, following the trend of the festival’s affiliations with TV channels across the commonwealth. For today’s screening we get a glimpse of the show’s first three episodes. It’sContinue reading “INSIDE OUT 2012 (Toronto) – Outland Review (Paolo Kagaoan)”