ChickFlicking – The Vow Review (Nadia Sandhu)

The Vow (2011) Starring Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum, Sam Neill, and Jessica Lange Directed by Michael Sucsy New on DVD/Blu-ray is The Vow, which grossed $125 million at the box office earlier this year- almost double the take of The Lucky One. The central romantic conflict of this film is grounded in real events, soContinue reading “ChickFlicking – The Vow Review (Nadia Sandhu)”

American Horror Story Review (The First Six Episodes)

As usual, I was a bit late to catch onto the latest hit TV show, American Horror Story. I seem to have my finger on the pulse of the movie and video game scene, but TV releases require such a large time investment, so I tend to wait for a few seasons to be releasedContinue reading “American Horror Story Review (The First Six Episodes)”