The Last Stand Review (Kirk Haviland)

The Last Stand (2013) Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Forest Whitaker, Eduardo Noriega, Rodrigo Santoro, Johnny Knoxville, Jaimie Alexander, Luis Guzmán, Peter Stormare and Genesis Rodriguez Written by Andrew Knauer, Jeffrey Nachmanoff and Goergeo Nolfi Directed by Jee-Woon Kim Making his first starring bow since leaving his office as Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger returns this weekContinue reading “The Last Stand Review (Kirk Haviland)”

Toronto After Dark 2012: Doomsday Book Review (Robert Harding)

Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2012 Doomsday Book (2012) Starring Doona Bae, Joon-ho Bong and Ji-hee Jin Directed by Jee-woon Kim, Pil-Sung Yim Doomsday Book features a trio of tales regarding the end of the world. While the apocalyptic turmoils are not new (zombie outbreak, asteroid impact, and robot uprising) the way this film goesContinue reading “Toronto After Dark 2012: Doomsday Book Review (Robert Harding)”