Toronto After Dark Lineup Announced – 3 weeks until showtime!

Showtimes and trailer links below! It’s almost time for Toronto to usher in the Halloween season with the Toronto After Dark (TAD) Film Festival, eight nights of horror, sci-fi, action and cult movies. This the perfect type of festival for someone like me, as my interest in film lies with the mysterious and the fantastic.Continue reading “Toronto After Dark Lineup Announced – 3 weeks until showtime!”

Stained – Independent horror from Karen Lam

It seems like I have been reviewing a lot of films in which very minor plot spoilers could ruin the viewing experience for readers. It makes it very difficult to write a meaningful 500 words if I can’t write about the plot – my review for Kill List was almost ridiculous, given how cryptic IContinue reading “Stained – Independent horror from Karen Lam”

Little Terrors Volume 3 (Toronto) – Phil Graves Guest Blogging

Editor’s note: It’s difficult to find guest bloggers that will work for free, that’s why I had to settle for Phil. Please don’t be too upset by his manner, he really is quite a nice fellow. Regardless, I should still take the time to apologize in advance, before I get a slew of angry e-mails.Continue reading “Little Terrors Volume 3 (Toronto) – Phil Graves Guest Blogging”

Alois Nebel Review (TIFF 2011)

Tomás Lunák’s Alois Nebel was my final screening at TIFF 2011, a whole five days ago. I was maintaining a frantic pace of screening and reviewing, but it caught up with me in the end. I picked this film on a whim, because I am a fan of animation, especially foreign animation, and it lookedContinue reading “Alois Nebel Review (TIFF 2011)”