Fantasia 2012 – For Love’s Sake Review (Matt Hodgson)

Fantasia Film Festival 2012 For Love’s Sake (2012) Starring Satoshi Tsumabuki, Emi Takei, Tsuyoshi Ihara, Takumi Saito, Ito Ono Directed by Takashi Miike Making my way to Montreal on a very high tech snail provided by VIA Rail Canada, I could not have been more excited for the 16th annual Fantasia International Film Festival toContinue reading “Fantasia 2012 – For Love’s Sake Review (Matt Hodgson)”

Smuggler Review TIFF 2011 (Sumagurâ: Omae no mirai o erabe)

Katsuhito Ishii’s Smuggler got off to a strange start at Midnight Madness. For one, the print of the film had not arrived by midnight and the rowdy MM audience got some extended burn with the beach ball that is normally bounced around the seats before the show. The film ended up starting at 1am, aContinue reading “Smuggler Review TIFF 2011 (Sumagurâ: Omae no mirai o erabe)”