TIFF 2012 – To The Wonder Review (Dustin SanVido)

To The Wonder (2012) Starring Ben Affleck, Olga Kurylenko, Javier Bardem, and Rachel McAdams Written and Directed by Terrence Malick Films that dare to transcend the laws of conventional narrative and structure to become much more a piece of art are somewhat of a mixed bag for me. I applaud filmmakers who aspire to createContinue reading “TIFF 2012 – To The Wonder Review (Dustin SanVido)”

TIFF 2012 – The Iceman Review (Dustin SanVido)

The Iceman (2012) Starring Michael Shannon, Winona Ryder, Ray Liotta, Chris Evans, David Schwimmer, and James Franco Written by Morgan Land and Ariel Vromen Directed by Ariel Vromen MINOR SPOILERS Boy, did I have high expectations for this film. I’m a big fan of true crime stories and I had The Iceman in my festivalContinue reading “TIFF 2012 – The Iceman Review (Dustin SanVido)”

TIFF 2012 – Much Ado About Nothing and The Secret Disco Revolution Reviews (Kirk Haviland)

Much Ado About Nothing Starring Amy Acker, Alexis Denisof, Clark Gregg, Jillian Morgese, Fran Kranz, Reed Diamond, Nathan Fillion, Sean Maher, Riki Lindholme, Tom Lenk and Ashley Johnson Adapted by Joss Whedon, based on the play from William Shakespeare Directed by Joss Whedon Claudio (Kranz) and Benedick (Denisof) have just returned home to Messina afterContinue reading “TIFF 2012 – Much Ado About Nothing and The Secret Disco Revolution Reviews (Kirk Haviland)”

TIFF 2012 – Jayne Mansfield’s Car Review (Paolo Kagaoan)

Jayne Mansfield’s Car (2012) Starring Robert Duvall, Kevin Bacon, John Hurt, Billy Bob Thornton, Robert Patrick, Ray Stevenson, Frances O’Connor and Katherine LaNasa Directed by Billy Bob Thornton From the opening shot I already felt like Jayne Mansfield’s Car was a miscalculation. The mustard colour scheme, the slow motion, the deep bass-based soundtrack, like aContinue reading “TIFF 2012 – Jayne Mansfield’s Car Review (Paolo Kagaoan)”

TIFF 2012 – Bwakaw Review (Paolo Kagaoan)

Bwakaw (2012) Starring Eddie Garcia and Rez Cortez Directed by Jon Robles Luna Bwakaw’s bleached cinematography perfectly reflects its protagonist Rene’s (Garcia) crotchety world view – that of an old man who can’t just wait to die. Through and with him we see the unvarnished wood of his pre-colonial wooden house, the white strands ofContinue reading “TIFF 2012 – Bwakaw Review (Paolo Kagaoan)”