TIFF 2012 – ChickFlicking Picks (Nadia Sandhu)

I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t narrow this list down to just ten. It was just too hard a mission this year-  there are a lot of films that qualify as chick flicks at TIFF 2012, and a lot of them are no doubt coming soon to a theatre near you.  So while we awaitContinue reading “TIFF 2012 – ChickFlicking Picks (Nadia Sandhu)”

Oslo, August 31st Review (Kirk Haviland)

Oslo, August 31st Starring Anders Danielsen Lie, Hans Olav Brenner, Ingrid Olava and Malin Crepin Written by Pierre Drieu La Rochelle, Joachim Trier and Eskil Vogt Directed by Joachim Trier Off an extremely successful, record breaking European theatrical run, The TIFF Bell Lightbox welcomes the Cannes sensation Oslo, August 31st for an exclusive first runContinue reading “Oslo, August 31st Review (Kirk Haviland)”

Mumbai gets the spotlight at TIFF 2012 (Nadia Sandhu)

I’m a Bollywood kid. As a Canadian of Indian descent whose family is no stranger to the film industry there, I have been a fascinated witness to the journey that “Bollywood” has taken here in the West.  I’ve seen these films go from a source of ridicule for my classmates to being considered an actualContinue reading “Mumbai gets the spotlight at TIFF 2012 (Nadia Sandhu)”

Alps Review (Kirk Haviland)

Alps (Alpeis) Starring Aggeliki Papoulia, Ariane Lebed, Aris Servetalis, Johnny Vekris and Stavros Psyllakis Written by Efthymis Filippou and Giorgos Lanthimos Directed by Giorgos Lanthimos Director Giorgos Lanthimos smashed onto the scene in 2009 with the Venice Film Festival award winning Dogtooth. Lanthimos returns with another surrealist dark comedy with Alps, which starts its engagementContinue reading “Alps Review (Kirk Haviland)”

Hitchcock Spins a Murderous Yarn for Audiences at the TIFF Bell Lightbox

Most of us have had moments when we think we are fairly unique; the main character of life’s story if you will. I was having one of these moments on Friday night when I approached the TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto for a screening of Hitchcock’s classic Dial M for Murder. Surely I would beContinue reading “Hitchcock Spins a Murderous Yarn for Audiences at the TIFF Bell Lightbox”