Toronto After Dark 2012 Awards Announced

Toronto After Dark 2012 has come and gone. If you weren’t able to attend, then you missed out on tentacled aliens, creepy found footage, flesh starved zombies, neurotic writers, angry werewolves, suspicious crime scene photographers, a chainsaw at a wedding, killer sushi, and plenty other examples of the weird, scary, hilarious, and fantastical. Every yearContinue reading “Toronto After Dark 2012 Awards Announced”

Toronto After Dark Short Film Roundup Part 2 (Matt Hodgson)

The 2012 edition of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival is nearly over and we’re still pumping out the feature film reviews here at Entertainment Maven, but it’s time for part 2 of our short film roundup. One Canadian short film preceded each of the features at Toronto After Dark, while nine International shorts wereContinue reading “Toronto After Dark Short Film Roundup Part 2 (Matt Hodgson)”