NXNE 2012 – Disposable Film Festival Review (Nadia Sandhu)

Photo from the short ‘Webcam’

Description from www.nxne.com: Selected by MovieMaker Magazine as one the world’s “coolest film festivals,” the Disposable Film Festival supports and celebrates the democratization of cinema made possible by new, inexpensive video technology. Disposable offers a legitimate forum in which the work of zero-budget and non-traditional filmmakers is taken seriously and exhibited in theaters around the United States and internationally. Through workshops, competitions, panels, and other events intended to educate and inspire, the Disposable Film Festival promotes experimentation and innovation and helps build the track record needed for a new generation of filmmakers to enter and change the industry.

I dare you not to leave the Disposable Film Festival wanting to become an auteur.  Founded in 2007 by Dr. Carlton Evans and Eric Slatkin, the Disposable Film Festival was designed to celebrate the democratization of film making by showcasing works made using mobile phones, laptops, cameras and other non-traditional devices.

Creativity is key and content is king. Anyone can submit for a fee of 99 cents and the depth and variety of this year’s finalists was amazing and inspiring at the same time. From genre to romance to music video – every possible permutation was there.

Particular standouts for this reviewer:

Webcam.  Shot entirely on a Mac Book, this film manages to create a creepy narrative that plays on that occasional irrational thought that someone is watching you through your camera. (You know what I’m talking about)

Les Ongles (The Nails). The 2012 Festival Winner is a good old fashioned genre piece, shot entirely on a mobile phone.

Splitscreen.  A visually stunning story of a couple reunited.

Special mentions:

The Voyagers.  Stock and archival footage is edited together with a reflective voice-over, tracing our place in the Universe and the trajectory of a couple’s love.  The story doesn’t quite gel for this reviewer, but the effort is to be commended and it is worth a watch.  Ditto Dans L’Ombre (In the Shadows) which pulls together famous cinematic scenes in the film noirish story of a shadow.

One could literally spend hours on their official website, and I heartily recommend that you do.

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