Fan Expo 2012 Coverage (Kirk Haviland)

Fan Expo 2012 So another Fan Expo is in the books and it’s time to do some reflecting. This year was my first time with a media pass for the fest and thus I attended two of the four days, Thursday night and Sunday afternoon. Thursday became my walkabout day as the main hall wasContinue reading “Fan Expo 2012 Coverage (Kirk Haviland)”

If a Tree Falls – Disturbing Horror from Southern Ontario!

There are not many things in this world that I find more frightening than motiveless masked assailants. Say what you will about the movie The Strangers, but the trailer alone almost had me losing my mind. Also, this year at TIFF”s Midnight Madness I will be forced to sit through Adam Wingard’s You’re Next, whoseContinue reading “If a Tree Falls – Disturbing Horror from Southern Ontario!”