The Raven DVD Review (Paolo Kagaoan)

The Raven (2012) Starring John Cusack, Luke Evans, Alice Eve, Brendan Gleeson, Pam Ferris and Kevin McNally Directed by James McTeigue James McTeigue’s The Raven has two interconnecting premises, the first of which is a fictionalized account of Edgar Allan Poe’s (played by John Cusack) still mysterious and controversial death. The real Poe, on hisContinue reading “The Raven DVD Review (Paolo Kagaoan)”

New to Blu:Grosse Pointe Blank Review

Sometimes when you watch a film for the very first time, for one reason or another, it just sticks with you and it adds itself into your individual cinematic lexicon, becoming a beloved film to you personally, and when your feelings are shared with the masses, it’s a great shared feeling of enjoyment.  Out nowContinue reading “New to Blu:Grosse Pointe Blank Review”